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Why Outsource Staffing to Pinnacle? Because We Have the Expertise to Deliver Results.


The Team at Pinnacle Staffing Solutions, specializes in Radiology and Radiation Oncology.  This is all we do, we know the certifications, the education and the technology requirements inside and out.

For us, It all starts with our Initial Conversation about your needs and developing an understanding of your department.
1) Why is this position open? What has been done to fill it? What have been the challenges?
2) Specifics of Center: Technology, Staffing, Patient volume
3) Requirements of Candidate: Education, Certification, Skill Sets, Personality, Communication skills
4) Compensation range, Benefit Package, Bonus, Relocation package


We are already calling our database of 30,000. This includes every Physicist, Dosimetrist, Radiation Therapist, and Hiring Manager in the country. We develop relationships and keep in constant contact through Job Alerts & Social Media.

Through the numerous conversations we find out what their dream job is, where it is located, and what it would take $ for them to make that change!


When a Job Order is taken every person on The Team will reach out to the candidates in their Region to see who might be a Match. We don’t stop Recruiting until you tell us you have what you need to make a hiring decision.

There are many reasons people make job changes on the road map of life. Our vetting process is finding out where they are, what their story is, and most importantly is this is going to be a match!

When vetting our candidates we address a multitude of topics which you cannot get from a resume, such as: communication skills, education, certification, licenses, reasons for career path choices, personality, work ethic, technology experience, preferred location of employment and why, compensation requirements, relocation needs, notice, and anything else you may have asked us for, like management experience, etc.


We may vet 20-30 Candidates but typically we only present the top 3 to 5 for your review.  Why? Because you told us what you want and the salary range you are looking for, so there is no reason to waste any of your precious time, reviewing candidates who aren’t qualified or want too much money!

We recommend that the Direct Report and anyone critical to the hiring process is included in the Presentation. The direct Feedback is very beneficial for us, to answer your questions and listen to why you like one candidate over another. 

We also feel you will benefit greatly from Our Evaluation of the candidates. This includes our reasons for feeling that they are a good fit as well as any potential obstacles for the hire.  

BEFORE YOU INVEST ANY MORE TIME you will have a real feel for the candidates provided, almost an Interview before the Interview!


We have found that when we set up a tentative Timeline right from the start. This keeps the process moving forward so that everyone’s expectations are known in advance. Planned vacations, etc can be taken into account from the beginning, which keeps the candidates interest at their peak (long delays can sometimes be interpreted as disinterest).

Typically we set up tentative telephone interview time slots within 48 hours of presentation as well as onsite Interview dates within two weeks of the Telephone Interviews.  We see ourselves as mediators, looking for that win-win for everyone, which is why Feedback is so important!


We will continually work with both you and the Candidate to manage expectations and tackle obstacles all along the way.   When you involve us in the Offer & Acceptance we assure that your Job Offer will be accepted, signed and back on your desk in 48 hours!

What is it worth to Gain the Competitive Edge in Hiring?  To have the first pick of the top talent in the industry! I am talking about People who are NOT searching job boards, but have asked us to call – only for the right position – YOURS!

What is it worth to Gain the Competitive Edge in Retention?  Your Most Valuable Assets are your skilled Physicists, Dosimetrists & Radiation Therapists!  The #1 Reason they Leave is being Overworked due to under staffing or unfilled positions that stay open for extended periods of time.

Now here is the best part: THIS SERVICE IS FREE!  

That is right – There is NO FEE unless you HIRE someone we send to you! 

So there is NO REASON NOT TO USE US!  

Let us show you what we can do to get you the Right People, Now.

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