Here’s Why Pinnacle Staffing Gives Out Free Honey

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Top Ten Questions about our Honey:

1)   Why does Pinnacle Staffing Solutions give away Honey?

One of the owners is a BeeKeeper and wanted to have a give away that was different.

2)   Where does the honey come from?

The honey comes from DougieFreshFarms in Otto, North Carolina, which is located in Western Carolina. 

3)   How many hives do you have?

We started out with 5 hives and they keep growing and splitting so it various between 20 – 30 at any given time.

4)   How much honey do bees produce?

It varies every year, but our hives typically produce 900 pounds of honey per year!

5)  Is the honey processed in any way?

No, our honey is simply strained.  We do not heat it, so you get all the nutrients mother nature intended.

6)   What typed of flowers do you have nearby?

In North Carolina, there are basically 2 seasons, Wildflower season and Sourwood season. We have naturally growing mint, lemon balm and a small grove of heirloom apple trees on our property.

7)   What is Sourwood honey?

Sourwood is a tree that produces a small white flower, and only grows in our region of the country, and even though the name says sour, it definitely is not!   

8)   How far do bees travel to get honey?

Generally bees will pollinate everything they can find within a 2 mile radius.

9)   Does honey help with allergies?

According to our BeeKeepers Association, it does not help to take honey for allergies.  It does however, help with sour throats, which are often associated with allergies.

10)  What else do you have on the farm?

We have cows, chickens and the apple orchard, currently.

We hope you enjoyed this information and look forward to meeting you at the next conference to pick up your Honey!

Remember the sweetest recruiters work for Pinnacle Staffing Solutions, Inc.!


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