Follow These Tips For A Successful Face To Face Interview:

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First impressions matter!

Tips for a Face to Face Interview

Whenever possible, arrange to arrive the night before, preferably before 8pm, so you can get checked in, hang or steam your clothes, check out the drive over to the center, then relax and get a good night’s sleep!

You need to look your best!   

A dark suit, white shirt and red tie are the standard for a reason – everyone likes it! 

  • MEN:  Don’t forget dark socks & a belt! Get those shoes shined, haircut, clean shaven, nose & ear hairs trimmed and fingernails clean.
  • LADIES: No loud colors, no pendants, no scarves, muted makeup. Simple, simple, simple!

You will have plenty of time to “express yourself” AFTER you get the job! Get there at least 15 minutes EARLY.  If you can scope it out the night before, even better. Go to the restroom and give yourself a final once over. Make sure everything is buttoned and zipped as it should be! 

Take this opportunity to TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!  And last, but not least, look in the Mirror and give yourself a big SMILE – and check your teeth!

Preparation is the Key!

Every time you are introduced, stick out your hand, look in their eyes, and Smile. No matter what has happened to get you there, if asked, everything is Terrific! Your voice needs to sound excited and upbeat, employers listen for Enthusiasm! Do your Research look up the organization and individuals you will be meeting. If you can get a business card for each person you speak with that will be great, especially for sending the thank you notes afterwards, if not, write down their names and titles.

Have a Portfolio with the resume that we submitted, a notepad & pen. Include a short list of things they need to know about you before you leave. Be sure to include these things in your answers throughout the day.

Prepare answers to these questions:

  • Tell me about yourself –short story version (brief – what you learned, why you left)
  •  Your Strengths. (Hard-working, loyal, dependable, etc)
  • Weakness. (Workaholic, Detailed, a Technology you may not have training on, etc)
  • Why are you making a change now? (Be positive)
  • Why this job (Mention the website, job details, then location)?
  • Be prepared to ask them good questions:
  • How long have you been with the organization?
  • Why do you like working there? 
  • What was the biggest draw for you to come here?
  • Have your closing statement down pat, (In your own words), something like:

“From the research I’ve done and everything we’ve discussed today, 

I can tell you that I am very excited about this opportunity, 

This is exactly the type position I have been looking for!  

Thank you for taking the time to discuss this opportunity with me, 

I look forward to hearing from you and becoming part of the team.”

The Interview 

Basically there are two types of interviews, one where you meet with Multiple People throughout the day, and the Panel Interview. When meeting with Multiple People all day long the tip is to stay fresh. You will probably be saying the same thing over and over and it has to sound fresh! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Get up in between interviews and move around to keep your blood flowing. With the Panel Interview, invariably someone will be late, when they walk in stand up, shake their hand, walk them in, tell them that so and so just asked you such and such, and you were just saying this and that… 

Some organizations utilize Interview Rating Forms, where they have categories listed and the interviewers rate you on a scale in each area.  (Education, Experience, Leadership, Appearance)  Also, many times the Receptionist and Administrative Staff can greatly affect the departmental opinion of you, so be sure to smile and greet them warmly!

Remember this is your Interview, too. 

You may be meeting a lot of people, but key in on 2 areas:

The person you will be directly reporting to and the co-workers in your department. It is also important that sometime during the day you speak with HR and are given a packet with benefit information in it.


Compensation & Benefits – HR is the only one who should want to discuss these things with you, if asked, simply say, that your recruiter has reviewed the salary range for this position with you, and it is within their range, or that you are sure you will be fairly compensated.

And it’s Over – Now what?

I know it’s been a long day, but once you get in your car, or back in your room, take a deep breath, AND CALL ME!

I’m going to want to hear every detail, so I hope you took good notes! Let’s get out our email thank you notes, ASAP, to add a professional touch.

Relax … you did Terrific!

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